TEBBE spreaders for all agricultural tasks

TEBBE spreaders

TEBBE spreaders are known across the world as untiring work machines that remain reliable even under the most extreme conditions. The well thought-through way that we design them makes these work machines the most powerful and stable available on the market today.

Spreader TS Series

These low loader spreaders are specialists in rough structured spreaders: powerful, fast-paced and highly precise.

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Spreader LS Series

Light, slim in construction and easy to maneuver in any terrain.

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Spreader KS-Series

The latest development of the Tebbe universal spreader features a gimbal drive for the milling drums.

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Spreader DS Series

The popular standard machines of choice for smaller to medium field sizes.

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Spreader HS Series

Size, performance and endurance without end - perfect for large farms and contractors.

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Spreader MS series

Particularly agile and maneuverable low loader spreader.

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Spreader TS series

These low-loader spreaders are specialists for coarse spreader materials: efficient, powerful and extremely precise.


 VolumeAll. total weightBridge size
TS 120 Single-axle spreader12 cbm14,000 kg6,000 x 1,450 mm
TS 160 Single-axle spreader16 cbm14,000 kg7,500 x 1,450 mm
TS 240 Tandem-axle spreader22 cbm24,000 kg8,300 x 1,450 mm

Spreader MS series

Very agile and easy-to-manoeuvre low-loader spreaders.

 VolumeTotal weightBridge size
MS 120 Single-axle spreader11 cbm14,000 kg6,200 x 1,450 mm
MS 130 Single-axle spreader14 cbm12,000 kg6,700 x 1,450 mm
MS 140 Single-axle spreader14 cbm14,000 kg6,700 x 1,450 mm 
MS240 Tandem-axle spreader20 cbm24,000 kg6,700 x 1,450 mm

Spreader LS series

Lightweight, streamlined design and easy to manoeuvre on any terrain.

TEBBE Streuer LS-Serie

 VolumeTotal weightBridge size
LS 120 E Single-axle spreader11 cbm12,000 kg5,700 x 2,000 mm
LS 120 T Tandem-axle spreader11 cbm12,000 kg5,700 x 2,000 mm

Spreader DS series

The most popular standard machines of choice for smaller to medium field sizes.

TEBBE Streuer DS-Serie Vorschaubild

 VolumeTotal weightBridge size
DS 140 Tandem-axle spreader12 cbm14,000 kg6,000 x 2,000 mm
DS 160 Tandem-axle spreader13 cbm18,000 kg6,000 x 2,000 mm
DS 180 Tandem-axle spreader15 cbm20,000 kg6,700 x 2,000 mm

Spreader HS series

Size, performance and unlimited endurance - perfect for large operations and agricultural contractors.

TEBBE Streuer HS-Serie

 VolumeTotal weightBridge size
HS 120 Single-axle spreader12 cbm12,000 kg6,000 x 2,000 mm
HS 180 Single-axle spreader16 cbm22,000 kg6,700 x 2,000 mm
HS 200 Tandem-axle spreader17.5 cbm22,000 kg7,300 x 2,000 mm
HS 220 Tandem-axle spreader20 cbm22,000 kg7,300 x 2,300 mm
HS 240 Tandem-axle spreader22 cbm24,000 kg7,900 x 2,300 mm
HS 320 Tridem spreader25 cbm34,000 kg8,800 x 2,300 mm
HS 420 Four-axle spreader34 cbm44,000 kg11,000 x 2,300 mm

Spreader KS series

The recently developed universal spreader by Tebbe has a cardan drive for beater rollers.

TEBBE Streuer KS-Serie

 VolumeTotal weightBridge size
KS 260 Spreader21 cbm22,000 kg7900 x 2060 mm


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