The tandem-axle spreader KS 260 is a new development by TEBBE. Like all models of this series, it has beater rollers driven with a cardan shaft for perfect chopping and a tapered load box for optimum emptying. 


TEBBE Streuer KS-Serie

Technical Data

All. total weight24,000 kg
Useful load13,500 kg
Support load4,000 kg
Bridge size7,900 mm x 2,060 mm
Box dimensions6,700 mm x 2,060 mm
Height of side walls1.400 mm
Usable load capacity, approx.21 cbm
Loading height in basic version, approx.3.000 mm
Axle10-hole wheel connection
Tires710/50 R 26.5
  • Hydraulic suspension, with levelling valve
  • BPW axles with trailing self-steering axle
  • Fist axle as a lifting axle
  • Chassis as an interchange system, locked with container locks, without container locks in combination with item 20072
  • Drawbar with spring suspension, swivel ring Ø 50 mm
  • 10-t jack stand with 2-step gearbox, support foot can be adjusted separately
  • LED lights pursuant to German road traffic regulations (StVZO), light system 12 V, connecting cable, socket
  • 4-wheel air brake with ALB controller, tristop cylinder as a parking brake
  • Body as an interchange system, locked with container locks
  • Steel side walls 3 mm thick, 1,400 mm high, smooth on the inside, welded on the outside,
  • Grille and rubber sealing in the front wall
  • Hydraulically-actuated, swivel-mounted rear hood
  • Two conveyors with four round steel chains 14 x 50 mm (breaking load 4 x 24 t)
  • Steel floor
  • Gearbox with hydr. motor for forward and reverse of scraper floor
  • Slurry gate, opening 1,600 mm, slurry gate display on the front wall
  • Two beater rotors with an outer diameter of 650 mm. Spreader aggregate passage 1,600 mm
  • Duplex chain to drove the lower beater rollers
  • 2-disc spreader with a disc diameter 1,000 mm / 4 distribution vanes on each
  • Disc gearing with shaft Ø 60 mm / overload protection / freewheel drive mechanism, spreading unit protected by 8 mm thick HARDOX wear plates
  • Walterscheid drive shaft PWE 580 with cam clutch and freewheel drive mechanism to protect the powertrain and beater rollers
  • Overload clutch to protect the disc spreading aggregate
  • If equipped with electrical control system: Speed monitoring of the beater rotors. The bottom chain is stopped when rotor beater speed is < 140 rpm.

Special equipment KS 260

Article no.Article
E20015Hydraulic support foot
E20019Drawbar with ball coupling system D80
E54420Hydraulic and height-adjustable drawbar
E20040Forced steering axle with hydraulic steering
E545104 x parking supports
E20065BPW axles with borehole for tire pressure control system
E20072Electrical weighing device with 6 cells / instead of interchange system
E21029Tire 710/50 R 26.5 Nokian Country King
E21030Tire 710/50 R 26.5 Michelin CargoXBib HF
E21031Tire 750/45 R 26.5 Alliance 380
E21033Tire 800/45 R 26.5 Michelin CargoXBib (outer width 3,050 mm)
E21034Tire 710/50 R 30.5 Michelin CargoXBib
E21035Tire 800/45 R 30.5 Michelin CargoXBib
E20055Hydraulic suspension with BPW axles, and levelling valve
  • First axle as a lifting axle
  • 24,000 kg permissible total weight
  • Chassis as an interchange system, locked with container locks, without container locks in combination with item 20072
Article no.Article
E22065Beater rollers are driven with a cardan shaft, model 1 3⁄4"/Ø 45 mm
E22160Steel body 500 mm, load volume 29 cbm
E22026Endless floor with 4 die-forged flat link chain type 125
E22300Spreader aggregate with 3 beater rollers, opening 1,900 mm, beater rollers with an outer diameter of 550 mm, gate opening 1.900 mm
E22032Rubber seal on the slurry gate
E22031Spreading cover, hydraulic, on left side
E22035Spreading cover, hydraulic, on right side
E22070LED work lights, per unit
E22040Protective bar for side walls
E22050Protection plate for rear hood
E24200Lighting package: Position lights red / white, side lights yellow, beacon light yellow 
E24250Double lighting / in LED on the spreader aggregate
Article no.Article
24040Electrical operation for spreading cover
24100Operating hour counter for electrical operation
24110Load counter
24105Job calculator with cable harness
24106ISOBUS terminal
24108CAN BUS module (if equipped with items 24105 + 20072)
24120Dosage valve with a sensor for digital opening display
24400Automatic lubrication of the roller chain on the spreading aggregate
24410Central nipple lubrication system for endless floor and spreading aggregate (17 / 18 lubrication points)
24500Electrical central lubrication for all lubrication points on the chassis and body, without rotating joints, automatic lubrication of the roller chain on the spreading aggregate


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