Spreader body base 1-3

This spreader body on a hook frame matches the tandem-axle hook lifting unit. Thanks to the well thought-through design, the bodies can be interchanged in just a few minutes, giving you much more efficiency and flexibility.

TEBBE Wechselsysteme

Technical Data

Bridge size6,700 mm x 2,300 mm
Box dimensions5,400 mm x 2,210 mm
Height of side walls1,250 mm or 1,400 mm
Bridge size7,300 mm x 2,300 mm
Box dimensions6,000 mm x 2,210 mm
Height of side walls1,250 mm or 1,400 mm
Bridge size7,900 mm x 2,300 mm
Box dimensions6,600 mm x 2,210 mm
Height of side walls1,250 mm or 1,400 mm
  • Steel side walls 3 mm thick, 1,250 mm or 1,400 mm high, smooth on the inside, welded on the outside, grille and rubber sealing in the front wall
  • Hydraulically-actuated, swivel-mounted rear hood
  • Two conveyors with four round steel chains 14 x 50 mm (breaking load 4 x 24 t)
  • Steel floor
  • Gearbox with hydr. motor for forward and reverse of scraper floor
  • Slurry gate, opening 1,500 mm, slurry gate display on the front wall
  • Two beater rotors with an outer diameter of 650 mm. Spreader aggregate passage 1,500 mm
  • Duplex chain to drove the lower beater rollers
  • 2-disc spreader with a disc diameter 1,000 mm / 4 distribution vanes on each
  • Disc gearing with shaft Ø 60 mm / overload protection / freewheel drive mechanism, spreading unit protected by 8 mm thick HARDOX wear plates
  • Overload clutch to protect the disc spreading aggregate
  • Freewheeling between the spreader plate transmissions
  • If equipped with electrical control system: Speed monitoring of the beater rotors. The bottom chain is stopped when rotor beater speed is < 140 rpm.


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